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nCore offer courses on software development methods that leverage multicore technologies, reduce time-to-market, and help your organization stay competitve. Professional training helps engineering personnel from developers to managers tackle multicore and manycore parellel computing challenges.

Our multicore training courses are comprehensive workshops that include practical, hands-on experience so students can correctly design and develop efficent parallel applications for multicore and manycore processors.


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Our courses on Multicore and GPU programming can give your engineering team the edge you’re looking for. Choose from our courses below or contact nCore for guidance on an appropriate course for your organization.


nCore Training Progression

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NCT-100 Programming Multicore Processors

  • Learn multicore programming concepts in C/C++, including threading, synchronization, multicore processor caches, shared memory, and more. Learn more about NCT-100 >

NCT-200 Advanced Multicore Techniques

  • Learn to develop, profile, and tune parallel software on multicore platforms to get maximum
    application performance. Learn more about NCT-200 >

NCT-300 Programming GPU Processors

  • Learn to use CUDA and OpenCL as well as about GPU hardware, memories, data transport, and performance optimization. Learn more about NCT-300 >

NCT-450 MCAPI Programming

  • Learn to design and implement multicore software using MCAPI for closely distributed and
    embedded systems. Learn more about NCT-450 >

NCT-500 PGI Accelerator Programming

  • Learn to program GPU processors using PGI Accelerator™ to improve performance and reduce maintenance and porting requirements. Learn more about NCT-500 >

NCT-600 Custom Training Course

Why Professional Training?


Professional training gives your team critical insights on how to improve your software's
performance and efficiency much faster than books or independent study can. nCore instructors are seasoned technologists with significant real-world experience on multiple hardware and software platforms.


Benefits of Training From nCore:

  • Courses offered worldwide and without the need for travel. Classes offered at your facility or a nearby training center, reducing travel cost per participant. Some courses
    are even offered online.
  • nCore’s classes and workshops can be customized to meet your organization's
    educational needs and address proprietary issues.
  • Optional on-site follow-on consultation to bridge the gap between the course and your
    organization's strategic objectives.
  • The combination of training and consulting help fine tune your capabilities and eliminate
    the training-to-implementation gap.


What Clients Say

“Throughout the entire course, the instructor’s extensive knowledge of the subject matter helps him tune the course material to the specific needs of the students. NCT-100 strikes the right balance between theory and practice and leaves the student with the theory to carefully design solutions to their parallel problems and the practical tools to know where to turn to implement them.”

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