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Embedded HPC – The Future of Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) is no longer restricted to users of large compute clusters running a handful of very specific applications and tied to large data centers. As parallel processor technology and power efficiency has improved, lowering component sizes and prices, more powerful and affordable systems have come into the market, bringing HPC capabilities to power, space and weight constrained environments for the first time. This is the world of Embedded High Performance Computing.

nCore's consultants work hand-in-hand with our clients at all levels of engagement to plan, implement, optimize and execute embedded HPC solutions. Learn more about nCore services.

Supported by an extensive partner collaboration network, nCore offers tremendous depth of technical expertise in working with a wide range of embedded and HPC technologies to deliver working solutions to a range of market segments, including the following:


Oil & Gas Financial Biosciences
Medical Industrial Design & Automation Military & Aerospace